Pat McPartland
601 Clen St. #250
Kemah, TX 77565
(281) 785-6729


Bob McNair, Principal Owner
Houston Texans
711 Louisiana, Suite 3300
Houston, TX 77002

Dear Mr. McNair:

Please allow this letter to serve as an informal introduction. I have recently relocated to Houston in order to reestablish my business contacts in the Texas markets and to position myself in a situation to be closer to my two daughters residing in Houston and attending college at SMU in Dallas.

My most recent position took me on a travel schedule that kept me out of town close to 275 nights per year and basically eliminated the opportunity to spend any realistic time with my family. I chose to resign on the best of terms and return to Texas.

I believe that my professional background on the enclosed resume speaks for itself. My entire adult career has been centered around the avenues of sales, marketing, advertising and promotions. My experience in the football arena relating to these categories is quite extensive. I have worked with every entity of NFL properties and have, at some point in time, called on every single team in the NFL.

I would relish the opportunity to join the team of the Houston Texans. It is very obvious that the organization is setting itself up to be a first class operation. I attended the function at the Wortham Center this past fall and I was quite impressed. I feel that I could be a valuable asset to your group and would be quite excited to visit with you to discuss your plans for the immediate future. If we are able to schedule an interview, we can dig much deeper into my background and marketing ideas.

In closing, Id like to wish you the very best of luck and good fortune in all of your successful years to come. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Go Texans!



Pat McPartland

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